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Where to Get Your PSA Certificates in Caloocan City

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In Metro Manila, when you say you are headed to Monumento, you mean you are going to Caloocan city. It is a widely accepted term in Metro Manila and nearby provinces – when you say Monumento, you only mean one location: the Bonifacio monument in Caloocan. The Monumento area is a hub for public transportation where commuters take the train, bus, or jeepney to their destinations. It is almost always crowded with pedestrians waiting to get a ride, vendors, and bystanders; yet your visit to Metro Manila is not truly complete unless you find yourself taking a train ride or alighting from a bus at the famous Bonifacio monument in Caloocan.

If you live or work in Caloocan City and need a copy of a PSA certificate such as birth, marriage, death, and Certificate of No Marriage (CENOMAR), you can visit the PSA Civil Registry System (CRS) outlet located at the North Caloocan City Hall building. Below is the exact address:

G/F North Caloocan City Hall, Zapote St., Novaliches, Caloocan City

psa birth certificate in caloocan

However, it may be easier to get to the PSA outlet in East Avenue, Quezon City if you live in the south side of Caloocan. Also, if your PSA certificate underwent legal proceedings and it is the first time you are requesting for a copy of the amended copy of your civil registry document, you should request for it at the East Avenue outlet. All your succeeding requests may already be done at other PSA outlets or online at

When visiting a PSA CRS outlet, you need to get an appointment online. Without one, you will not be permitted entry into the PSA office. To get an appointment online, follow these steps:

  1. Log-on to the PSA Online Appointment System webpage.
  2. Select NCR as the Region and then choose Caloocan City as the PSA CRS outlet. Remember that if the certificate you are requesting for underwent Court Decrees and Legal Instruments (CDLI) and you will be requesting for a copy for the first time, choose the East Avenue outlet (even if you are not from Quezon City). Hit the Next button.
  3. Provide your personal information as required by the appointment setting page. You will receive a verification code in your email, and you need to key-in this code to proceed to the rest of the appointment setting steps.
  4. Select the PSA certificate you will be requesting for. If you are requesting for another person, indicate the details of the owner of the certificate and your relationship to him/her.
  5. Choose the date and time of your planned visit. The PSA CRS outlet in Caloocan accepts applicants from Monday to Friday, between 7am to 3pm. Grayed out slots mean these are fully booked.
  6. A summary of all the information you submitted will be shown on the next page. Double-check your details, dates, and other information submitted and make sure that all are correct. Your name on the appointment must match the name on your IDs.
  7. Your Appointment Slip will be sent to your email. You may print this out or save a copy on your mobile phone. You will be asked to show this to the guard before you are allowed entry into the building.
  8. Be at the PSA CRS outlet at least 30 minutes before your appointment time. Bring your own pen, wear your face mask, and observe other health protocols while in the office premises.
  9. Minors are not allowed to make an online appointment.

For those who do not have time to visit a PSA outlet, you can order a copy of your PSA birth certificate online and have it delivered to you.

How to order your PSA certificate online:

  1. Log-on to and click the order now button.
  2. Choose the PSA certificate type you wish to order and click on that. You may order your own PSA certificates, that of your children, or parents.
  3. Provide your personal details and the details on the certificate you are requesting for. You also need to type of ID you will be showing to the courier upon delivery of your requested document.
  4. Choose the purpose of your request and specify if there were legal proceedings previously done on the certificate you are requesting for. If the certificate underwent a legal proceeding and this is the first time you will be requesting for the annotated copy, you need to personally request for a copy at a PSA CRS outlet.
  5. Provide your delivery details, email address, and mobile number.
  6. Select the number of copies you wish to order and confirm that all the details in your order are correct.
  7. Pay through any of the available payment channels and wait for your PSA certificate to be delivered to your address.

You must be at the delivery address to personally receive the PSA certificates you ordered. Show your proof of identification to the courier. You cannot assign another person to receive your orders for you. You may track the status of your order on the website by clicking the Check Status link on the homepage. delivers nationwide.

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