National Bookstore Now a Pick-up Point For Orders

Published on February 13, 2023

Claim your PSA birth certificate orders at your favorite National Book Store branch.

Heads up, Metro Manila!

When you order your PSA certificates at, you now have the option to have the documents delivered to your home or office address, or pick it up at selected National Bookstore branches in Metro Manila. Drop by your preferred National Bookstore branch to claim your ordered PSA certificates by simply presenting a valid ID and the email or SMS notification from PSAHelpline.

Safe and convenient and truly meaningful service especially for working individuals who could not be physically present at their delivery address all the time.

The Delivery Experience

When you order your PSA birth certificate online (and any other civil registry document such as PSA marriage certificate, PSA death certificates and Certificate of No Marriage or CENOMAR) through the website, your documents are delivered to your preferred address. Metro Manila orders are delivered in three to four working days, while provincial orders are received by the applicants in three to eight working days. This is a convenient option especially if you do not have time during the week to visit a PSA CRS outlet to request for a copy of your civil registry documents.

Order your PSA birth certificate online and pick it up at your preferred National Book Store branch.

Upon delivery of the ordered PSA online certificate, the courier will ask to see a valid ID to be sure that the document is released only to its rightful owner or authorized requester. Authorization letters and other forms of endorsement to receive the ordered certificates on behalf of the owner will not be entertained. If the owner of the document or authorized requester is not available on the date of delivery, they may call the PSAHelpline hotline to schedule a new delivery date.

When ordering PSA certificates at, you may apply for and receive:

  • Your own PSA certificates
  • Your children’s PSA certificates
  • Your parents’ PSA certificates (ordered by children who are of legal age)

PSAHelpline fully complies with the Data Privacy Act of 2012.

Other Delivery Options

If you could not confirm your availability at your delivery address, you may opt to have your PSA certificate dropped off by the courier at selected National Book Store branches. You may then pick up your ordered document at the said branch at a time and date that is convenient for you.

This delivery option is currently available for Metro Manila applicants.

How does the National Book Store Pick-up Option Work?

  • When you order online, you will be given the opportunity to choose whether you would like to have your documents delivered straight to your delivery address or have it dropped at a National Book Store outlet for you to pick-up. In the ordering process, the delivery options are shown right before you type your delivery address and contact information.
  • Find the nearest National Book Store where you can pick up your orders at
  • If you prefer to have your PSA certificate picked-up at a National Book Store, click on the Pick-up box.
  • Choose your preferred National Book Store branch from the available selection. As of now, the National Book Store branches that accept drop-off and pick-up services for PSAHelpline are:

    • National Bookstore Robinson’s Galleria
    • National Bookstore Quezon Avenue
    • National Bookstore Taft Avenue
    • National Bookstore Victory Central Mall
    • National Bookstore Superbranch Cubao
    • National Bookstore Filinevest Festival Mall
    • National Bookstore Shopwise Sucat
    • National Bookstore Cash and Carry (Makati)
    • National Bookstore Rockwell (Makati)
  • After you have chosen your preferred branch for the pick-up, you need to key-in your complete name, mobile number, and email address.
  • A confirmation page will show the total amount you need to pay for the order. Below is the list of fees for PSA certificates to be delivered and picked-up at NBS branches:

    Document Pick-up Fee Service Fee Document Fee Total Fee
    Birth Certificate P 20.00 P 160.00 P 155.00 P 335.00
    Marriage Certificate P 20.00 P 160.00 P 155.00 P 335.00
    Death Certificate P 20.00 P 160.00 P 155.00 P 335.00
    CENOMAR P 20.00 P 160.00 P 210.00 P 390.00
  • Upon confirmation of your order, you will be shown the different payment options available. And after you have made your payment, your PSA certificate will be delivered to your chosen NBS branch.
  • You will then receive an SMS and email notification from PSAHelpline telling you that your PSA certificate has been dropped off the NBS branch and you may now pick it up.
  • All you need to do now is proceed to the branch and show your valid ID and the email or SMS notification you received from PSAHelpline to the NBS staff. They will validate your ID and release the documents to you when cleared.

Sending someone else to claim your PSA certificate for you is not allowed, even if the representative presents an authorization letter from you. You have 30 days to get your ordered documents at your chosen NBS branch. Unclaimed PSA certificates will be returned to the PSA.

It is nice to have an option to simply pick up your ordered documents, instead of having it delivered to your home or office address. This works well for individuals who work or travel a lot and are not sure when they are available to personally receive their civil registry documents from the PSAHelpline courier. PSAHelpline does not release ordered documents to anyone else other than the owner or the authorized requester, even with an authorization letter. That is why, having an alternate means to get your ordered documents is truly convenient.

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