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PSA authorizes birth certificate online application services.

PSA Partners with Teleserv to Expand PSA Certificate Online Application Services

MOA signing of PSA and Pilipinas Teleserv, Inc. for the launch of

DFA Launches Philippine E-Apostille System for PSA Certificate Authentication

The DFA launches the Philippines' first e-Apostille system for easier authentication of your PSA certificates. Now you can apply online for both PSA e-certificates and e-Apostilles.

PSA CRS outlet locations for over-the-counter copy issuance of PSA certificates.

PSA Serbilis/CRS Outlets and Where to Find Them

You may get a copy of your PSA birth certificate, marriage certificate, CENOMAR, or request for a copy of a PSA death certificate at PSA CRS (formerly called PSA Serbilis) outlets nationwide. You can also order PSA certificates online at

You can save on shipping fees when you order multiple copies of your PSA certficate online at

PSAHelpline Discount For Multiple Copies Of PSA Certificate Online Requests

Ordering your PSA certificate online is a safe, efficient, and economical way of getting copies of your civil registry documents, especially during these uncertain times. If you order multiple copies of the same PSA certificate, you even get to save on shipping costs as the documents are delivered to you as a set.

Pay for your PSA Birth Certificate using Gcash

How to Pay for Your Orders at Using GCash

This blog covers the most important details of paying for your orders at using your GCash account. supports various payment options, whether over the counter or online, to accommodate clients’ preferences. Online or e-wallet payments is a popular option as it is easy and simple to use and the payment posts real-time on the system.

Pay for your PSA Birth Certificate at 7 Eleven branches

How to Pay for Your Orders at at 7-Eleven Branches

The description convenience store took on a whole new meaning when 7-Eleven branches started accepting payments for various online purchases through their ECPay terminals. You may now pay your orders at at the nearest 7-Eleven branch in your area. Read the complete step-by-step payment process in this blog.

Pay for your PSA Birth certificate using Visa and Master card

How to Pay for Your Orders at Using Your Credit Card

Credit card payments have been widely used and accepted as a payment facility for online purchases all over the world. It is considered one of the safest ways to pay especially during the pandemic when people’s movements were limited due to quarantine restrictions. accepts payments made on the website using Visa and Mastercard credit cards. This blog covers the most important details you need to know when paying for your PSA certificate online orders using your credit card.

Pay for your PSA Birth certificate thru PayMaya

How to Pay for Your Orders at PSAHelpline Using PayMaya

Maya (formerly PayMaya) is an e-wallet, like GCash, that can be downloaded to your phone and used to pay for your online and over-the-counter purchases. This blog covers the step-by-step process on how to pay for your orders at using your Maya app.

Order your PSA birth certificate online or over the phone.

Order Your PSA Certificate Through the PSAHelpline Hotline is supported by a hotline where applicants may call to place their orders, follow-up on their requested documents, and other concerns they may have about their PSA certificates. The hotline is available from Monday to Saturday, 8am to 5pm, except holidays.

PSA birth certificate as a primary requirement for first-time passport applicants.

What to Prepare for Your DFA Passport Appointment

A complete list of documents and IDs you need to have with you when applying for a Philippine passport for the very first time and other important reminders when visiting a DFA satellite office.

The importance of timely registration of a PSA birth certificate.

How to Report a Late Registration of Birth

Reporting a vital event to the Civil Registry Office after the prescribed 30-day period from the date of the event is considered late or delayed. A delayed registration of birth, marriage, or death follows a different process and includes the documented explanation why the vital event was not registered on time.

Dual registration of PSA birth certificate to correct errors in previously registered birth certificate.

The Problem with Dual Registration of Civil Registry Documents

Having more than one birth certificate registered at the LCR may cause problems and confusion on your transactions later. Here’s what you need to do in order to straighten out your birth or marriage records.

Important details and guidelines about correcting the first name in a PSA birth certificate.

How to Correct Your First Name in Your PSA Birth Certificate

An incorrect entry in your PSA birth certificate may cause confusion and errors in your transactions such as when you apply for a passport, open a bank account, or claim benefits from insurance firms. Learn how to have an incorrect first name in a birth certificate corrected.

Set an online appointment at your preferred PSA CRS outlet for copy issuance of your PSA birth certificate.

The PSA Online Appointment System: All You Need to Know

PSA outlets are open to receive requests for copies of PSA civil registry documents such as birth, marriage, death certificates, and CENOMAR but you need to have a confirmed PSA online appointment before you visit. Here’s how you can set an appointment online.

Top 5 reasons people order a PSA birth certificate.

Top 5 Reasons People Order A PSA Birth Certificate

These are the reasons why you need to always have copies of your family’s PSA birth certificates.

Change “Baby Boy” and “Baby Girl” with your real name on your PSA birth certificate

How to Change the “Baby Boy” or “Baby Girl” Entry on Your Birth Certificate

A descriptive guide on how to remove “Baby Boy” or “Baby Girl” written as a first name on a PSA birth certificate. Includes the required documents to support the correction, as well as the list of requirements for when the owner of the birth certificate was born abroad.

Prepare a copy of your child’s PSA birth certificate for the upcoming school enrollment

Preparing Ahead for Your Child's School Enrollment: The Ultimate Guide

A detailed discussion about enrolling one’s child, including the list of admission requirements and how parents can easily complete these by ordering their child’s PSA birth certificate online.

How to put the correct middle name on your PSA birth certificate

What to Do When Your Middle Name Doesn’t Appear on Your Birth Certificate

A complete guide on how to supply the missing middle name on a PSA birth certificate, including the unique requirements for when the applicant was born abroad.

How to correct gender on a PSA birth certificate

A Guide on How to Correct Your Gender on Your PSA Birth Certificate

A comprehensive guide on correcting the gender as it appears on a PSA birth certificate.

Step-by-step process on marriage license application at the QC Hall

How to Get a Marriage License at the Quezon City Hall

A step-by-step guide on how to apply for a marriage license at the Quezon City Hall, including the complete list of IDs and documentary requirements.

How to correct your last name as it appears on your PSA birth certificate

How to Apply Corrections on Your Last Name on Your PSA Birth Certificate

A thorough discussion on the different ways a last name may be considered incorrect on a PSA birth certificate and how to apply the necessary corrections.

Birth Registration Guide in the Philippines

A Guide to Understanding Birth Registrations and Birth Certificates

This article tackles the process of birth registration and why this is important for parents to know. It also covers detailed information about claiming a child’s first copy of PSA birth certificate, based on where the birth was registered as well as the two ways a person can request for copy issuance of said birth certificate.

Marriage Certificate Registration Guide

Marriage Certificate Registration and The Two Ways You Can Get a Copy of Your PSA Marriage Certificate

An article on the importance of registering the Certificate of Marriage on time and what could happen if this delayed – will the wedding be considered void? The PSA marriage certificate’s availability for copy issuance at a PSA outlet and how a married couple may request for the same through online application.

What is CENOMAR / Facts about PSA CENOMAR

All The Facts You Need To Know About The PSA Certificate of No Marriage (CENOMAR)

A simplified definition of the PSA CENOMAR, how a person’s changing civil status (from single, to married, to widowed, or annulled) affects it, and the two ways an individual may request for a copy.

Facts about PSA Death Certificate

All You Need to Know About the PSA Death Certificate

This blog article explains in detail the process and importance of the timely and accurate registration of a death certificate and when the deceased’s next of kin may request for a copy of the PSA death certificate.

Blurred PSA Birth Certificate

How to File a Petition When Your Birth Certificate is Blurred

If your PSA birth certificate has blurry or unreadable entries, you need to have it corrected. This article talks about how a blurry PSA birth certificate can be corrected in order to avoid problems and confusion when the document is presented for important transactions.

Application for BIR TIN ID

How to Get a TIN ID, Even If You're Unemployed

This article provides all the details needed when applying for a Tax Identification Number for the first time. It is a helpful piece especially for those who are planning to get their TIN while they are still in school, or are still unemployed.

PSA marks 32nd Civil Registration Month with month-long celebration.

PSA Celebrates the 32nd Civil Registration Month on February 2022

An annual celebration hosted by the PSA to enforce civil registration functions in the Philippines. It aims to intensify PSA’s commitment to deliver effective civil registration and vital statistics to clients and stakeholders.

How to get a psa birth certificate

Two Ways to Get a Copy of Your PSA Certificates from the PSA

Filipinos now have two options when securing a copy of their PSA birth certificates, as well as other civil registry documents (marriage, death, and CENOMAR). This article covers the changes implemented by the PSA in terms of requesting for PSA certificates over the counter at their PSA CRS outlets as well as PSA’s offer for individuals to make online applications for their PSA certificates through – an online service authorized by the PSA for online application and nationwide delivery of PSA certificates.

Questions about the PSA and the PSA Certificates

All You Need To Know About The PSA and PSA Certificates

The most frequently asked questions about the PSA, birth certificates, and other civil registry documents, and if NSO-certified documents are still valid given the change in name by the agency.

Applying for passport application and renewal in the Philippines

Passport Application and Renewal: The Ultimate Guide

A step-by-step guide for Filipinos who wish to apply for a Philippine passport for the first time or renew an old or expiring one. This blog includes the complete list of IDs and documentary requirements when visiting a DFA outlet to get a passport. It also covers the important details of setting an appointment at your preferred DFA branch for your passport application or renewal.

Correction of errors on Marriage Certificate

How to Correct Errors on Your Marriage Certificate

This blog covers all you need to know about the PSA Marriage Certificate. If you have questions about marriage registration, acquiring the very first copy of your PSA marriage certificate, and steps on how to correct certain errors and oversights, you will find the answers here.

Applying for an LTO Student Driver's License

How to Get a Student Driver's License (And How to Get Replacement If You Lost It)

A comprehensive article that describes in detail the steps, requirements, and fees that you need to prepare when applying for a student driver’s license and getting a replacement in case you lose your copy. It also provides a clear explanation of the definition of a student driver’s license and the requirements for an applicant may qualify for it.

Is A Virtual Wedding Considered Valid In The Philippines?

A quick discussion on why virtual weddings and online marriages are still not permitted in the Philippines.

List of DFA Branches in The Philippines: Where to Get Or Renew Your Philippine Passport

Find the nearest DFA office in your area where you can apply for a new passport or renew your old one. Wherever you are in the country, there is a DFA office you can visit for your passport needs.

Can An Illegitimate Child Use His Father’s Last Name?

Illegitimate children who are acknowledged by their fathers are entitled to use their fathers' last names. However, being given the right to use the father's last name does not automatically make an illegitimate child, legitimate.

The Ultimate Wedding Checklist

The ultimate wedding checklist for all the things you need before, during, and after your big day. Be at your best on your wedding day by keeping an organized list.

How To Secure a Travel Clearance for Minor Children from the DSWD

If you are traveling with a minor child who is not your son or daughter, you need to get a travel clearance from the DSWD.

First-time Jobseeker’s Ultimate Guide When Preparing for a Job Application

Get the complete list of documentary requirements and IDs you need when applying for your very first job.

National Bookstore Now a Pick-up Point For Orders has partnered with National Book Store for a more efficient way to receive your ordered PSA birth, marriage, death certificate or CENOMAR. Applicants now have the option to have their PSA certificates dropped off at selected National Book Store outlets and just pick it up at their convenience

What To Do When You Get a Negative Certification from PSA Instead of Your PSA Birth Certificate

A Negative Certificate from the PSA simply means that your civil registry document is not present in PSA's paper and digital files. It does not automatically mean that you do not have a PSA birth certificate. When you receive a Negative Certificate, you need to visit the LCR where your civil registry document was registered to find out why the PSA does not have a record of your document.

How To Apply for A Minor Child’s Philippine Passport

Create a list of all the IDs and documents needed for a child's passport application to avoid leaving out anything. Bring the original and photocopies of the documents and make sure all IDs to be presented are valid and readable.

How to Order PSA E-Certificates Online for AFPPGMC Pensioners

AFP pensioners and their surviving dependents may order their PSA birth certificate, PSA marriage certificate, PSA CENOMAR, and PSA death certificate online and have the digital copy (e-certificate) sent to the AFPPGMC.

What to Do When Your PSAHelpline Order is Tagged as Failed Delivery

All you need to know (and do!) when your PSA certificate order at PSAHelpline is tagged as Failed Delivery.

What Does ‘Manual Verification’ Mean?

Birth, marriage, and death certificates may undergo manual verification if the PSA could not readily locate a copy in its digital archive. It could mean that a digital format of the document is yet to be generated.

From Kindergarten to Confidence: A First-time Parents’ Guide to Enrolling their Child in School

A guide on what to prepare when enrolling your child to school for the first time. Get the complete list of documents and other things you need to prepare if you are a first-time parent exploring the world of preschool enrollment.

All You Need to Know About a Supplemental Report

If there are missing details on a civil registry document such as first name or last name, you may have it corrected through a Supplemental Report. Consult your Local Civil Registrar for the details and process involved in getting a Supplemental Report.

Enhancing Accessibility and Efficiency: The PSA Express Delivery Service

Have your PSA certificates delivered to you on the same day it is released by the PSA. Avail of the PSA's Express Delivery Service at the PSA CRS outlet on East Avenue, QC.

How To Spot A Fake Facebook Page Offering PSA Birth Certificate Delivery

Ordering your PSA certificate online is convenient; however, it's essential to remain vigilant and ensure you are using a legitimate and authorized website for the transaction. Learn how to check if a website or Facebook page is an accredited organization, authorized by the PSA to handle PSA certificate orders securely and efficiently.

Unlocking the Land of the Rising Sun: Every First-timer’s Guide to Japan Visa Application

The complete list of documents, IDs, and other important requirements when applying for a tourist visa to Japan. The secret to a hassle-free application is to come prepared and with your complete set of requirements.

Understanding The Difference: Report of Marriage vs. Marriage Certificate – A Comprehensive Guide

The difference between a Report of Marriage and a Marriage Certificate. When do you need a Report of Marriage and how do you get one?

A Simple Guide to Getting Your SSS Number Online

Getting an SSS number has never been this easy. You can now conveniently apply to become an SSS member online.

The GSIS Survivorship Benefits: A Simple Guide to Claims and Requirements

GSIS members and pensioners' surviving families can claim their benefits at the GSIS. Prepare the required documents and IDs to ensure a smooth filing of claims.

A Simple Guide to Obtaining a Solo Parent ID From the DSWD

Solo parenting is not an easy task. Get your Solo Parent ID at the nearest DSWD to enjoy benefits that are exclusive to solo parents. Introduces Convenient New Delivery Feature: Nominating An Authorized Person to Receive

You can nominate your family members as authorized person to receive your orders from

Preventing Errors on a Child’s Certificate of Live Birth

Avoid misspelled names, incorrect birthdates, and incomplete details in your child's PSA birth certificate.

How to Order Copies of Your PSA Certificates While Staying Abroad

Order your PSA certificates online while living or working abroad. You can conveniently order your PSA birth certificate online and have it delivered to your Philippine address.

Securing Privacy While Ordering PSA Certificates Online: Striking the Balance with Convenience

Discover how to safeguard your privacy when ordering PSA certificates online without compromising convenience. This blog explores the delicate balance between maintaining privacy and enjoying the ease of online transactions for PSA certificates.

How to Get a Replacement for a Lost Philippine Passport: A Step-By-Step Guide

Navigate the process of securing a replacement for your lost Philippine passport with this step-by-step guide. Learn the essential steps to streamline the passport replacement journey while ensuring security.

How to Change Your Last Name in Your Passport After Getting Married, Anulled, or Widowed

Discover the comprehensive steps required to change your last name in your passport post-marriage, annulment, or widowhood. This blog provides a detailed guide on navigating the passport name change process after significant life events.

All You Need To Know When Applying For A US Tourist Visa

When applying for a US tourist visa application process from Manila, Philippines one needs to have a comprehensive understanding of the requirements and procedures involved. In this article, we delve into the essential aspects of applying for a US tourist visa online, providing insights into the necessary documentation, application steps, and tips to enhance your chances of a successful application.

Distinguishing Between CENOMAR and Advisory on Marriage

A CENOMAR is commonly required when a person is applying for a marriage license. But it is also required of survivorship pensioners or those who receive financial support from their deceased spouse's employment or pension fund.

Family Preparedness: The Vital Role of PSA Birth Certificates in Your Child’s Milestones

Your child's PSA birth certificate is a basic requirement for Catholic church baptism, school enrollment, applying for a student driver's permit, and passport application. Always keep a copy of your children's PSA birth certificates in your files.

PSAHelpline: Ordering, Processing, and Delivery Timeline

PSAHelpline delivers PSA certificates immediately after the PSA releases the ordered certificates. Receive your PSA certificate the day after PSA hands it over to PSAHelpline.

All You Need to Know About Getting a Schengen Visa from the Philippines

A Schengen visa allows a Filipino traveler access to 27 European countries, including France, Germany, and Italy. Schengen visa applications must be made no more than six months before the trip.

Understanding the Different Benefits from the Social Security System

SSS membership provides a financial safety net for Filipinos at every stage of life. It also offers support during maternity, death, and funeral expenses, ensuring your needs and those of your loved ones are taken care of.

How to Create an Account in the LTMS Portal of the LTO

Skip the lines, go online! This blog shows you how to register on the LTO LTMS Portal in easy steps. Driver's license? Car registration? Read this to simplify your LTO needs.

More Affordable PSA e-Certificates for AFPPGMC Pensioners

AFPPGMC pensioners, this one's for you! Get your PSA e-certificates delivered directly to the AFP at a more affordable rate. Read on to find out how!

Don’t Miss the Mark: A Guide to Out-of-town Delayed Birth Registration

Out-of-town delayed registration of birth? This guide simplifies out-of-town delayed birth registration for you. Ensure a smooth process and get your official birth certificate.

How to Apply for a Tourist Visa to the UK

Dreaming of visiting the UK? Don't let visa applications hold you back! This blog breaks down the process step-by-step, from eligibility to submitting your documents, ensuring a smooth journey to London, Edinburgh, or wherever your UK adventure awaits.

Beyond Paperwork: Why E-Certificates are the Key to a Simpler Philippines

This blog explores how e-certificates can streamline everyday processes in the Philippines, saving you time, money, and frustration. Imagine applying for documents or verifying credentials with just a few clicks. Read on to see how e-certificates can unlock a simpler Philippines.

PSA Online: More National Book Store Pick Up Locations

Pick up your PSA certificates at select National Bookstore branches. Find a location near you and enjoy faster, easier document claiming.

PSA Birth Certificate Delivery Concern Guide

Ordered a PSA birth certificate but it's taking longer than expected? This blog explains why there might be a delay and what you can do to track your order or get help from

The DFA E-Apostille System: Secure and Convenient Authentication for PSA Certificates

Need your PSA certificates verified for international use? The DFA's new e-Apostille system offers a faster, more secure way to get them authenticated electronically. Learn how it works and its benefits!

Your Essential Guide to Getting an NBI Clearance

Get your NBI clearance fast and hassle-free! This guide walks you through the entire process, from online registration to claiming your clearance.

Your Essential Guide to Government-issued Valid IDs in the Philippines

Transacting with government and private offices in the Philippines often require IDs and supporting documents. This blog post simplifies life by outlining the essential IDs you'll need for a smooth experience.

Understanding Errors in Your PSA Birth Certificate and What to Do Next

Got questions about your PSA birth certificate? This blog helps you understand discrepancies and equips you with the knowledge to address them confidently. Pick Up At National Bookstore Outlets In Luzon

Great news! More National Bookstore locations in Luzon are now pick-up points. Get your PSA certificates conveniently!

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