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PSA authorizes birth certificate online application services.

PSA Partners with Teleserv to Expand PSA Certificate Online Application Services

MOA signing of PSA and Pilipinas Teleserv, Inc. for the launch of

PSA CRS outlet locations for over-the-counter copy issuance of PSA certificates.

PSA CRS Outlets and Where to Find Them

You may get a copy of your PSA birth certificate, marriage certificate, CENOMAR, or request for a copy of a PSA death certificate at PSA Serbilis outlets nationwide. You can also order PSA certificates online at

PSA marks 32nd Civil Registration Month with month-long celebration.

PSA Celebrates the 32nd Civil Registration Month on February 2022

An annual celebration hosted by the PSA to enforce civil registration functions in the Philippines. It aims to intensify PSA’s commitment to deliver effective civil registration and vital statistics to clients and stakeholders.

PSA birth certificate as a primary requirement for first-time passport applicants.

What to Prepare for Your DFA Passport Appointment

A complete list of documents and IDs you need to have with you when applying for a Philippine passport for the very first time and other important reminders when visiting a DFA satellite office.

The importance of timely registration of a PSA birth certificate.

How to Report a Delayed Registration of Birth

Reporting a vital event to the Civil Registry Office after the prescribed 30-day period from the date of the event is considered late or delayed. A delayed registration of birth, marriage, or death follows a different process and includes the documented explanation why the vital event was not registered on time.

Dual registration of PSA birth certificate to correct errors in previously registered birth certificate.

The Problem with Dual Registration of Civil Registry Documents

Having more than one birth certificate registered at the LCR may cause problems and confusion on your transactions later. Here’s what you need to do in order to straighten out your birth or marriage records.

Important details and guidelines about correcting the first name in a PSA birth certificate.

How to Correct Your First Name in Your PSA Birth Certificate

An incorrect entry in your PSA birth certificate may cause confusion and errors in your transactions such as when you apply for a passport, open a bank account, or claim benefits from insurance firms. Learn how to have an incorrect first name in a birth certificate corrected.

Set an online appointment at your preferred PSA CRS outlet for copy issuance of your PSA birth certificate.

All You Need to Know About the PSA Online Appointment System

PSA outlets are open to receive requests for copies of PSA civil registry documents such as birth, marriage, death certificates, and CENOMAR but you need to have a confirmed online appointment before you visit. Here’s how you can set an appointment online.

Top 5 reasons people order a PSA birth certificate.

Top 5 Reasons People Order Birth Certificate

These are the reasons why you need to always have copies of your family’s PSA birth certificates.

Change “Baby Boy” and “Baby Girl” with your real name on your PSA birth certificate

How to Change the “Baby Boy” or “Baby Girl” Entry on Your Birth Certificate

A descriptive guide on how to remove “Baby Boy” or “Baby Girl” written as a first name on a PSA birth certificate. Includes the required documents to support the correction, as well as the list of requirements for when the owner of the birth certificate was born abroad.

Prepare a copy of your child’s PSA birth certificate for the upcoming school enrollment

Preparing Ahead for Your Child's School Enrollment: The Ultimate Guide

A detailed discussion about enrolling one’s child, including the list of admission requirements and how parents can easily complete these by ordering their child’s PSA birth certificate online.

How to put the correct middle name on your PSA birth certificate

What to Do When Your Middle Name Doesn’t Appear on Your Birth Certificate

A complete guide on how to supply the missing middle name on a PSA birth certificate, including the unique requirements for when the applicant was born abroad.

How to correct gender on a PSA birth certificate

A Guide on How to Correct Your Gender on Your PSA Birth Certificate

A comprehensive guide on correcting the gender as it appears on a PSA birth certificate.

Step-by-step process on marriage license application at the QC Hall

How to Get a Marriage License at the Quezon City Hall

A step-by-step guide on how to apply for a marriage license at the Quezon City Hall, including the complete list of IDs and documentary requirements.

How to correct your last name as it appears on your PSA birth certificate

How to Apply Corrections on Your Last Name on Your PSA Birth Certificate

A thorough discussion on the different ways a last name may be considered incorrect on a PSA birth certificate and how to apply the necessary corrections.

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