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Published on June 09, 2023

No first name or last name on birth certificate Philippines

Aside from misspelled names, interchanged middle and last names, and incorrect gender, another concern a PSA birth certificate owner may encounter are missing information on one or more fields in the document. Missing entries in a birth certificate are not necessarily considered as errors; these were inadvertently omitted data during the certificate’s registration. Unlike misspelled names and incorrect birthdates that are addressed by filing a petition for correction, a missing entry must be supplied or provided to complete the details of a civil registry document.

When there are missing entries in a PSA birth certificate, PSA marriage certificate, or PSA death certificate, a Supplemental Report may be filed at the LCR where the certificate was registered.

What is a Supplemental Report?

A Supplemental Report, according to the PSA, is used to supply entries or information in the Certificate of Live Birth, Certificate of Marriage, Certificate of Death, and Certificate of Fetal Death which are inadvertently omitted when the document was registered.

In April 2021, the PSA made official the required contents of an Affidavit for Supplemental Report through Memorandum Circular 2021-08. The memorandum included sample forms for the affidavit. This helps in achieving a more efficient process of filing a Supplemental Report at the Local Civil Registry. You may view the sample forms here.

How to get a supplemental report from LCR

What birth certificate errors need a Supplemental Report?

  • No first, middle, or last name (legitimate)
  • No middle name (if the owner is an illegitimate child and acknowledged by the father)
  • The first name on the birth certificate is Baby Boy, Baby Girl, Boy, or Girl and the child was born before 1993.
  • No check mark on the gender field or both genders where checked.

Guidelines when filing a Supplemental Report

  • When filing a Supplemental Report for missing information on a Certificate of Death (COD), the medical certificate attached to the COD must be accomplished completely. The Supplemental Report shall not cover missing information on the supporting documents of a COD.
  • When filing a Supplemental Report for missing information on a Certificate of Marriage (COM), all supporting documents and applicable certifications should be accomplished in full. Again, the Supplemental Report shall not cover missing information on a COM’s supporting documents.
  • A wrong information on a civil registry document cannot be corrected by a Supplemental Report. Wrong, misspelled, and inaccurate information on a civil registry document must be referred to the LCR who shall then prescribe the method of correction to be followed to fix the mistake. Some corrections even require a court order.
  • One supplemental report may be filed to supply up to two missing information in any registered event. If there are more than two missing information in a civil registry document, the case must referred to the Office of the Civil Registrar General.
  • The following may file the supplemental report:

    • Parents or guardians of the owner of the certificate
    • The owner of the certificate, if of legal age.

List of requirements when filing a Supplemental Report:

  • Affidavit for Supplemental Report where the following facts of events are indicated:

    • Name of the owner of the certificate
    • Date and place of event
    • Entry or entries that are missing or omitted.
    • Reasons why the information was omitted or missing.
    • Certified copy of the document with missing entries
    • Supplemental Report document using the appropriate form. Refer to What is a Supplemental Report for samples of the forms.
    • Certified copy of the Certificate of Marriage of the parents of the document owner, if the document with missing entries is a Certificate of Live Birth.

The LCR may require additional documents that are not included in the list above. It is always best to closely coordinate with the LCR when working on a correction or missing information on your civil registry document.

Online document requests may not be available right away for the civil registry document that underwent correction or supplemental report process. After the Supplemental Report and the necessary attachments have been submitted to the LCR, ask when you may begin making follow-ups for status updates and when the copy may be available at the PSA. You may have to personally request for the corrected copy at a PSA office before you begin ordering the PSA birth certificate online.

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