PSA Birth Certificate Delivery Concern Guide

Published on June 21, 2024

PSA birth certificate delivery concern

While offers a convenient way to request PSA certificates online, there can be situations where you might not receive them as expected. This blog dives into the reasons behind these missed deliveries and highlights PSAHelpline’s commitment to data security. We will explore scenarios like incorrect addresses, recipient availability, authorized requester location, and document verification, all while emphasizing the importance of valid ID verification to ensure your sensitive documents reach the right hands.

Remember, these measures are in place to protect your personal information and ensure your PSA certificates are handled with utmost care.

Birth certificate delivery concern

1. The address of the recipient could not be located by the courier.

The courier assigned to your PSA certificate delivery will make a sincere effort to locate the address you provided on your order form. However, there can be instances where, despite their best efforts, they are unable to find the recipient’s residence. This can occur for several reasons:

  1. Incomplete or Inaccurate Address: Double-checking your address information before submitting your order is crucial. Ensure you include all necessary details, such as house number, block number (if applicable), lot or street/unit number, barangay, municipality, and postal code/zip code.
  2. Missing Landmarks: Including landmarks near your residence can significantly aid the courier in pinpointing your location. This could be a specific store, a well-known landmark, or a prominent building in your area.
  3. Unreachable Contact Number: While couriers are instructed to contact the recipient using the mobile number provided in the order form, unforeseen circumstances can prevent successful communication. The phone number might be unreachable due to low battery, being out of signal range, or simply not being answered.

Resolving Delivery Issues

If the courier is unable to locate your address or reach you by phone, PSAHelpline will take the following steps:

  1. Returned Delivery: Your PSA certificate will be returned to PSAHelpline to ensure its safekeeping.
  2. Notification Email: PSAHelpline will promptly send you an email informing you of the unsuccessful delivery attempt. The email will explain the reason for the return, typically citing difficulties locating the address.
  3. Re-Delivery Request: To initiate a re-delivery, you will need to email the following information to

    1. Complete and Accurate Address: Double-check and ensure all details in your address are accurate and complete. This includes house number, block number (if applicable), lot or street/unit number, barangay, municipality, and postal code/zip code.
    2. Landmarks for Easy Location: Provide clear and specific landmarks near your residence to guide the courier in finding your location efficiently.
    3. Description of Your Residence: Including details about the color of your house or building, the gate’s color, or any other distinctive features can further assist the courier in identifying your address.
    4. Alternative Contact Number: Provide a reliable alternative contact number where the courier can reach you to arrange a successful delivery.

PSAHelpline’s Special Action Team

Once you submit the requested information via email to, PSAHelpline’s dedicated Special Action Team will take charge. They will review the details you provided and work to expedite the re-delivery of your PSA certificates.

Valid ID Verification on Delivery Day

Remember to have a valid government-issued ID readily available on the day of your scheduled re-delivery. The courier will require this identification to verify your identity before releasing your PSA certificates. This security measure ensures your important documents are delivered directly to the rightful recipient.

Birth certificate home delivery

2. Missed Deliveries Due to Absence

Another common reason applicants encounter delays in receiving their PSA certificates is when the requesting party is not at the delivery address to receive the documents. PSAHelpline prioritizes secure delivery directly to the owner of the PSA certificate or an authorized requester, and their protocols ensure your PSA certificates are not released to just anyone.

Understanding Delivery Attempts

The courier assigned to your PSA certificate will make a delivery attempt to the address you provided on your order form. If they arrive and there is no one available to receive the documents, they will be unable to complete the delivery. This can happen for several reasons:

  1. Recipient Not Home: Perhaps you were unexpectedly unavailable at the time of the delivery.
  2. Out of Town: You might be out of town for work or personal reasons when the courier arrives.
  3. Incomplete Requirements: If you or the authorized requester lacks a valid government-issued ID upon delivery, the courier cannot release the PSA certificates.
  4. Delivery Restrictions: Some buildings or compounds have restrictions on deliveries during certain times.
  5. Unknown Consignee: The recipient named on the delivery is not recognized by the people residing at the address. This can occur for several reasons such as the consignee is a new resident, tenant miscommunication, or the name on the delivery does not exactly match the information known by the person at the address.

Resolving Missed Deliveries

If the courier is unable to delivery your PSA certificates due to your absence or other factors, PSAHelpline will follow these procedures:

  1. Attempted Delivery Notification: The courier will likely leave a notification informing you of their visit and the reason for the unsuccessful delivery.
  2. Secure Return of Documents: Your PSA certificates will be returned safely to PSAHelpline for safekeeping.
  3. Contacting PSAHelpline: To arrange a re-delivery, you will need to contact PSAHelpline via email (

Scheduling a Re-Delivery

When contacting PSAHelpline about a missed delivery, be prepared to provide the following information to facilitate a smooth re-delivery process:

  1. Preferred Delivery Date: Indicate a date and time that works best for you to receive the PSA certificates. Be sure to allow at least two days’ notice to give PSAHelpline ample time to coordinate with the courier.
  2. Alternative Contact Number: Provide a reliable alternative contact number where the courier can reach you to confirm the re-delivery schedule.

Valid ID Verification on Delivery Day

Remember, when the re-scheduled delivery arrives, ensure you (or the authorized requester) have a valid government-issued ID available. The courier will require this identification to verify your identity before releasing your PSA certificates. This security measure ensures your important documents are delivered directly to the owner or authorized requester.

By understanding PSAHelpline’s secure delivery protocols and taking steps to ensure your availability, you can avoid missed deliveries and receive your PSA certificates promptly.

PSA birth certificate delivery abroad

3. The Owner or Authorized Requester is Abroad

While you can initiate your PSA certificate request from anywhere in the world, the actual delivery of the document can only be made to a Philippine address. Please note that successful delivery of PSA certificates to the nominated recipient may require additional documentation and may take longer depending on the completion of submission and validation processes.

If you are residing abroad and have ordered a PSA certificate online via, send an email to Include your order reference number and other information that will help them understand your delivery requirements. The email must be sent directly from your personal email address and not by your nominated representative residing in the Philippines.

Manual verification for birth certificate

4. The requested PSA certificate is for Manual Verification

When you request a PSA certificate through, the system first searches for a digital copy within their database. However, in some cases, a digital record might not be available. This can occur for various reasons, such as older records or those from areas that have not yet fully transitioned to digital storage.

Manual Verification Process

If your requested PSA certificate falls under “manual verification”, it signifies that PSA needs to locate the physical document within their archives. This process involves manual searching and retrieval of the original document. Once located, they replicate the document and prepare it for delivery.

Impact on Delivery Time

Naturally, manual verification adds an extra step to the overall processing time. Finding and replicating a physical document takes more time compared to retrieving a readily available digital copy. Therefore, you can expect a longer wait for your PSA certificates when manual verification is necessary.

It is important to understand that “manual verification” does not indicate any problem with your request. Your PSA certificate exists, it simply requires additional time to be located and prepared for delivery.

PSAHelpline prioritizes keeping you informed throughout the process. For paid orders, they utilize SMS and email notifications to update you on the status of your request. These notifications track the progress, from initial processing by PSA to dispatch by courier and finally, out for delivery. Additionally, you can proactively check the status of your order on the PSAHelpline website using your reference number. This allows you to monitor the progress and get an estimated delivery timeframe, even if manual verification is required.

By understanding the need for manual verification in certain situations, you can manage your expectations and receive your PSA certificates with a clearer understanding of the delivery timeframe.

Safeguarding Your Information, Every Step of the Way

These measures are not simply bureaucratic hurdles; they are essential steps taken to protect your personal information. PSAHelpline prioritizes the secure handling of your PSA certificates, ensuring they reach the intended recipient.

PSAHelpline understands the importance of keeping you informed. They utilize SMS and email notifications for paid orders, providing updates on the status of your request, from initial processing to delivery. Additionally, their website allows you to proactively check your order status using a reference number.

By understanding these potential delays and PSAHelpline’s commitment to secure delivery, you can approach the process with confidence. Remember, prioritizing data privacy and ensuring your PSA certificates reach the right hands is at the core of the service.

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