Top 5 Reasons People Order A PSA Birth Certificate

Published on February 18, 2022

Reasons why people need a PSA Birth Certificate

The PSA birth certificate serves as proof of one’s age, identity, and citizenship. It is usually issued right after birth and filed by the attending physician with the local civil registrar's office. This document is required in many important transactions, from travel and job applications to school enrollments and claims approval.

A birth certificate is also crucial for the government in measuring the birth rate in the country. This information helps provide insights on prenatal care, children’s immunization, the effectiveness of family planning programs, the need for health facilities, care for children with various congenital anomalies, and the risks of poor pregnancy.

But what can you exactly do with the document, and why do you need a birth certificate? Read this article to find out!

Transactions that require PSA birth certificates

Top 5 Reasons People Order Birth Certificate

People order a PSA birth certificate for a multitude of reasons. For instance, this document is used to obtain a driver's license, secure work permits, play sports, prove legal dependency, acquire inheritance, receive insurance, and qualify for a pension, to name a few. But here are the top five reasons people order birth certificates.

  • Passport Application
  • A passport is a travel document issued by a government to its citizens. The small booklet verifies the identity and nationality of the holder for international travel. It typically contains the bearer's name, birthplace, birthdate, photo, and signature.

    A birth certificate is needed to get a passport to travel outside the Philippines. It authenticates the owner’s personal details and ensures they are eligible for international travel. Additionally, it serves as a safety net for your citizenship and identification if you lose your passport and other IDs while traveling.

  • School Requirement
  • Most schools and universities require a birth certificate from the applicant upon enrollment. For one, it confirms the student's age, ensuring they are in the right year level.

    The document can also be used to secure support from the parents as they acknowledge responsibility for the child's well-being and development, including educational support.

  • Employment
  • Whether you're applying for a local or an international job, a birth certificate is a requirement in the application process. Almost every employer will require this document to verify your age and citizenship.

    Upon qualifying for the position, your birth certificate legally documents your status as a worker and guarantees that the company is employing you lawfully. Providing employers with your birth certificate also vouches for your honesty regarding your personal details.

  • Claims and Benefits
  • A birth certificate is crucial when applying for various important identification cards and documents. For instance, it can help facilitate one’s application for a social security card, which qualifies members to get salary, business, educational, and housing loans more quickly.

    Similarly, if you are an elderly applying for a senior citizen ID, a birth certificate is vital in securing your benefits such as pensions and discounts on certain goods and services.

    Other benefits of having a birth certificate are funding from the government and even non-government organizations. For instance, the conditional cash transfer program or Pantawid Pamilyang Pilipino Program requires the presentation of a birth certificate from the beneficiary.

    With a birth certificate on hand, potential beneficiaries can register under the program and receive education and health grant from the government.

  • Marriage
  • In the Philippines, one of the formal requisites of a valid marriage is a marriage license. To obtain this document, you must present your birth certificate, along with other requirements, such as a valid ID bearing your residential address, community tax certificate, municipality forms, and certificates of family planning and marriage counseling. With a birth certificate within reach, processing your application for a marriage license becomes just a breeze.

Birth Certificate: Secure Your Identity

Indeed, the birth certificate is the parent of all documents. If you are planning to apply for a medical, legal, or social service ID, this document is one of the primary requirements. Also, if you’re processing a benefit or compensation claim, this document is always required.

Moreover, at school and in the workplace, a birth certificate is necessary to prove one’s age and citizenship. Additionally, applications for travel passports and marriage licenses require the presentation of this legal document.

If you need a copy of your PSA birth certificate, you can process it in person at the nearest PSA Civil Registry System Outlet.

Meanwhile, offers a hassle-free online application process if you prefer to order a copy online. Give us a call or drop a message to know more about our civil registry document application services!

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