How to Order Copies of Your PSA Certificates While Staying Abroad

Published on November 24, 2023

Order your PSA certificate online even while outside the Philippines

Ordering your PSA certificate online at and having these delivered right to your doorstep offers a secure and hassle-free method for obtaining copies of your vital civil registry documents. This service holds particular significance for a wide range of individuals, including busy working parents, senior citizens, professionals, and those residing in areas with limited access to a nearby PSA outlet. Over time, it has proven to be a reliable way to obtain your PSA certificate, which you might need for various important transactions.

PSAHelpline offers nationwide delivery and even lets you pick up your certificates at select National Book Store outlets in Metro Manila. PSAHelpline prioritizes a stringent delivery process, ensuring utmost protection and security of the certificate owner’s personal information.

But what if the owner of the PSA certificate lives or works abroad and could not personally receive or pick up his ordered PSA documents?

In this blog, we will provide you with a comprehensive guide on how to order PSA certificates for your family members living or working abroad, ensuring that the security and data privacy of the certificate owner remain uncompromised, even when they are overseas.

Ordering the PSA certificate of family members who are residing or working abroad.

The parents and children of legal age of Filipinos who are residing or working abroad, may order their PSA certificates online on their behalf. These certificates include PSA birth certificate, marriage certificate, and Certificate of No Marriage (CENOMAR). A PSA death certificate may be requested by the surviving spouse (if the spouse resides in the Philippines) or the deceased’s adult children. As long as the designated address falls within the specified delivery area, the PSA certificate will be promptly dispatched. If the requesting party can provide the required identification to verify his identity and eligibility to order on behalf of the certificate owner, he will receive the PSA certificates.

For easier reference, below is the list of family members who may request for the PSA certificates of Filipinos residing or working abroad:

Only the authorized requester who placed the order online may personally receive the PSA certificate from the courier. In case he is not available to receive the document on the day of delivery, he may nominate another person to receive the document on his behalf. The nominee should reside in the same household and able to personally receive the PSA certificate on the delivery date.

Who may be nominated to receive the document on behalf of the authorized requester?

The person who applied for the PSA certificate of a family member who is overseas may nominate another person to receive the PSA certificate on his behalf. The nominee is determined by the requested PSA certificate type and should be residing at the delivery address indicated in the PSA certificate application. Here's a reference to help you identify the individuals that may be nominated to receive the PSA certificate, depending on the certificate type.

  • Birth Certificate:

    • Document owner’s child who is of legal age
    • Document owner’s parents
    • Document owner’s legal spouse
  • Marriage Certificate:

    • Document owner’s child who is of legal age
    • Document owner’s parents
    • Document owner’s legal spouse
  • Death Certificate:

    • Document owner's legal spouse
    • Document owner's child/children of legal age
    • Document owner’s parents
  • Certificate of No Marriage (CENOMAR):

    • Document owner’s child of legal age
    • Document owner’s parents
    • Document owner’s legal spouse
    How to authorize your relative to receive your PSA birth certificate

What if the certificate owner’s entire family has already moved abroad? Who may be authorized to receive his PSA certificate in the Philippines?

If the PSA certificate owner doesn't have any family member who is an authorized requester in the Philippines to receive his PSA certificate for him, he may authorize any person whom he trusts under specific conditions. To proceed, the certificate owner or the authorized requester should send an email to, clearly indicating his overseas residence, confirming the request, and granting consent for the PSA certificate to be released to his authorized representative. The email should also include the Order Reference Number. PSAHelpline may ask for additional requirements from the certificate owner or the authorized requester.

  1. Send a Request: Contact via email at In your email, be sure to include your order reference number and explain why you need to authorize a representative to receive your PSA certificate.

  2. Additional Identification: It is possible that you or your representative may be asked to provide additional identification.

  3. Extended Delivery Time: Please be aware that the delivery time may be extended as you and your representative gather and fulfill any additional requirements, with due consideration to the validation process for these requirements.

By following these steps, you can opt for a friend or former colleague to receive your PSA certificate when there are no family members available in the Philippines.

If you experience any issues with the delivery process, immediately send an email to Be sure to provide specific details of your concern, including the Order Reference Number. A representative will promptly assist you via email.

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