All You Need to Know About the PSA Death Certificate

Published on May 25, 2022

Facts about PSA death certificate

A PSA death certificate documents the most important details of a person’s passing. It shall serve as the official report and announcement of the date, cause, and place of the person’s death. It is accomplished by the deceased’s next of kin and the physician who checked and confirmed the death.

Just like the PSA birth certificate and PSA marriage certificate, the Certificate of Death is submitted to the Local Civil Registry office of the city or municipality where the death occurred. he LCR registers the death and keeps it on file. The Certificate of Death is then endorsed to the Philippine Statistics Authority (PSA) for certification and printing on Security Paper (SECPA). A PSA Death Certificate is then made available for the family of the deceased.

How long does it take to get a PSA death certificate after registration?

When will the PSA death certificate become available

The posting period usually takes one to two months for a death registered within Metro Manila, based on the transmittal date. If the death was registered in a provincial area, the posting period normally takes two to three months. To be safe, you may begin requesting for a PSA copy of the death certificate three months after it was submitted to the LCR for registration.

How do I file for a late registration of a death certificate?

The Certificate of Death must be submitted to the LCR within the 30-day reglementary period (30 days from the date of death), otherwise it shall be tagged as late registered and that will appear on the certificate.

If you are filing a late registration of death, you need to be able to present the following at the LCR office:

  • PSA Negative Result
  • Affidavit of Delayed Registration
  • Affidavit of two disinterested persons

The LCR may require additional documents and IDs as they see fit.

How to file the late registration:

  • Submit the above-mentioned requirements and any other documents and IDs that the LCR may require.
  • The documents will be verified and the party filing the late registration shall be interviewed further by the LCR.
  • Pay the corresponding late registration fees at the Municipal Treasurer. Get the Official Receipt as proof of your payment.
  • Wait for the release of the registered Certificate of Death. The registered copy shall also be endorsed by the LCR to the PSA so a PSA death certificate copy may be made available for the deceased’s family and relatives.

Where can I get a Certified True Copy of a death certificate?

Where to get a certified true copy of death certificate

You can get a Certified True Copy of Certificate of Death (COD) at the Local Civil Registrar’s office of the city of municipality where the death occurred.

  • Proceed to the LCR office and fill-out the request form. Submit this to the receiving clerk or researcher.
  • The clerk will check the availability of the certificate of death; if it is available, you will be advised to proceed to the cashier to pay the corresponding fee.
  • Proceed to the municipal treasurer to pay. Secure a copy of your Official Receipt (OR) as proof of your payment.
  • Present the Official Receipt to the LCR office and receive the certified copy of the death certificate.

What are the requirements to get a copy of a PSA death certificate?

There are two ways you can request for a copy of a PSA death certificate: you can visit a PSA CRS outlet and personally request for a copy over the counter, or you can order the PSA death certificate online at and have them deliver the document to you.

When applying for a copy at a PSA CRS outlet, you need to get an online appointment through the PSA Online Appointment System. On the day of your appointment, be at your chosen PSA CRS outlet with the following:

  • Complete name of the deceased
  • Date and place of death
  • Complete name and address of the requesting party
  • Number of copies needed
  • Purpose of the certification

You may bring additional documents to support your request.

How do I request for a copy of a PSA death certificate online?

How to order PSA death certificate online

You may order a copy of a PSA death certificate at Just logon to the website and click on the Order Now button and follow the ordering process. The PSA death certificate will be delivered to you, and you must personally receive it at the address you indicated on your order form. Metro Manila orders are delivered in three to four working days while provincial orders arrive between three to eight working days, depending on the exact location of the requesting party.

When ordering online, you may request for the PSA death certificate of your spouse and your parents.

PSAHelpline delivers nationwide.

How much is a PSA death certificate?

A PSA death certificate online request costs P365.00; this already includes the processing and delivery fees.

Ordering a PSA death certificate online is safe and convenient because PSAHelpline offers various payment methods. You can pay right on the website using your Visa or Mastercard credit card, or by tapping on your GCash or PayMaya apps. If you prefer over the counter payments, you can easily pay at Bayad stores, ECPay at 7-Eleven, or at any of the accredited banks through Dragonpay.


PSA death certificates are often needed for transactions such as insurance and inheritance claims, sale of real estate properties, and the like. It is the family’s responsibility to guarantee its accuracy and completeness as any discrepancy may result in delays and denials in transactions filed using the death certificate as a supporting document.

Always keep a copy of your family members’ PSA death certificates. A safe and convenient way to do this is by ordering online and having the PSA death certificate delivered to you by

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